From NSU to Spielberg: Alum lands role in “Lincoln”

lincoln Vic Motley

by Phyllicia Williams

A Norfolk State University alumnus makes his way onto camera time after working with Hollywood stars and Oscar winning film director, screenwriter, producer, video game designer and studio entrepreneur Steven Spielberg. From many years of learning the entertainment industry, he feels NSU prepared him for his role in the historic biographic war drama called “Lincoln.”

Victor Motley, a journalism alumnus of NSU, spent post-graduation auditioning to play a union soldier at war in Steven Spielberg’s newest film and was selected among many others. The auditions were held on September 15, 2011 in Richmond, VA, Motley’s birthplace where he became interested in becoming an actor.

At NSU, Motley took all types of courses outside of journalism such as drama. Motley tells Spartan Echo about his incredible experience entering the film making industry.

“What I learned from the drama courses, then, was to keep going, even if you mess up or if you don’t know what to do, just always know the cameras are always rolling. If you drop a gun, start punching or choking your opponent, as long as you do something to make it look real,” said Motley.

After being the only alumni of NSU at auditions, Motley tells Spartan Echo that he felt very confident while working with Hollywood professionals. He said he felt prepared for his first camera debut with Spielberg and his team after his experience at NSU volunteering to be on a Spartan television show about life on campus.

While working with makeup artists and costume designers from all over the world, Motley said he had to get into the routine of what actors have to prepare for while in character, as well as constantly changing costumes.

“It is not easy to become an actor and to have a main role. It takes a lot of practice and rehearsal time,” said Motley.

With over three hundred people who attended this audition, Motley had no idea that he would be featured in one of the scenes, let alone shown in the trailer. He tells Spartan Echo that he was sitting at home watching the local news when he saw the opportunity of becoming a part of Spielberg’s film “Lincoln,” to be released in theaters November 9, 2012.

Although, Motley is currently planning to continue his studies and achieve his goal of becoming a lawyer, he sees the possibilities in every opportunity he seeks and encourages his fellow Spartans to do the same.

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